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Trails of Glory Las Vegas

Date(s) - 11/03/2018
All Day

Red Rock Canyon


Trails of Glory Las Vegas 2018 Information:

Location Cottonwood Valley near the Red Rock Canyon area. Date Saturday, November 03, 2018.

Las Vegas trail running event date Saturday, November 03, 2018 at Cottonwood Valley’s Late Night Trailhead. With great trails including the Duck Tree, the north side of Cottonwood Valley promises fun, fast trails with stunning views of the cliffs of the Red Rock Escarpment.


Trails of Glory Las Vegas Distances:

We will be offering an 2K, 12K, Half Marathon, 30K, and a Marathon, all on looped trails starting from the north side of NV-160 in Cottonwood Valley.

Lil Dashers 2M Course

2.3 miles, 175 ft of vertical climbThe Lil’ Dashers 2K course is a lollipop to the duck tree and back along Mustang Trail and Ducky.

12K Course

6.9 miles, 650 ft of vertical climbA counter-clockwise running of part of the Mustang Trail loop and Late Night with a quick detour to Rubber Ducky, beginning and ending with fast downhill with a challenging (but fun!) uphill in the middle.

Half Marathon Course

13.5 miles, 1400 ft of vertical climbA mixture of the Mustang Trail, Landmine Loop, and Black Velvet, the course takes Landmine all the way around, passing through Blue Diamond and returning along a gentle uphill on Late Night Trail before finishing with a fast downhill to the finish.

Marathon Course

26.5 miles, 2800 ft of vertical climbFollowing the 30K course until mile 13, at which point the course heads south on Dead Horse Loop, up Satan’s Escalator, and to Wilson’s Tank. From Wilson’s Tank the course heads north through the beautiful valley of 3-Mile Smile and along Badger Pass to the finish.

40M Course

41.5 miles, 5750 ft of vertical climbFollowing the Marathon course until mile 20 at Wilson’s Tank, at which point the course heads south on the never-before-used single track of New 33 to a fun climb up to Bird Springs High Point where runners are rewarded with a beautiful view of Las Vegas in the distance. The course then retraces its route for the last 6 miles back to Wilson’s Tank, then meets back up with the Marathon course to the finish.


Trails of Glory Las Vegas Directions:

Directions to the fee area (scenic loop):

From Las Vegas, Red Rocks can be reached by heading west on Charleston Boulevard which will turn into State Route 159. Just follow State Route 159 west until you see the entrance.

Directions to Cottonwood Valley (the only area that allows mountain biking):

From Charleston Boulevard (State Route 159) drive west past the entrance to Red Rocks. Continue driving past Spring Mountain State Park. The road will change direction and appear to head back towards Las Vegas. Continue driving until you reach State Route 160. Turn right onto State Route 160 and head west. After about 4.7 miles there will be a parking lot on the right (Late Night parking lot), and another parking lot on the left a little farther. These parking lots can be somewhat hard to find the first time, if you reach the mountains you have gone too far.

Proceeds benefiting Refuge for Women.